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Ron: You promise to do good in school, ok?

Veronica: kay—

Ron: —and stay away from the he-shes down in the bowery.

Veronica: Ron!

Gary: Ron, I don’t think that’s appropriate.

Ron: I’ll tell ya, those fellas. They got the looks, they got the curves, they got the chichis. And then at some point during the evening. You reach down below the belt lookin’ to get a little muffalina and you get a handful of the battle of the bulge. You hear what I’m saying, Walter?

Walter: Yes, I do!

Anchorman 2 (2013)



This is not about an actress of color, but please vote against David O. Russell being included in #TIME100. If you are unaware, he admitted to sexually assaulting his transgender niece, and does not deserve any sort of praise or recognition. Reblog to spread the word!

.The subject matter of that second link is obvious from the text, but be advised, it is a very detailed account of physical violation of a type and context that many trans women will have direct experience with. I feel physically ill and very anxious—as one does when one is an unsafe environment—having read it. Proceed with caution.

Click here to support Help a Trans Girl Stay in the US by Queers and Allies of NAU

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Trans Activists And Drag Queens Agree: Logo’s “She-Mail” Ban Went Too Far


This just in, Queerty is bullshit, that is all.

"Shemale" is a term used to erase and invalidate a trans woman’s identity as a female or fetishize us. It’s not funny. Words like "tranny" and "shemale" are not funny or cute. They’re cruel and derisive. You’re no trans ally if you use them. "Trap" is a word created to imply that trans women are deceiving men for sex. It propagates the fear that gets us murdered. Trans people asking folks to stop using "tranny" isn’t censorship/word-policing. We’re just asking to not be verbally bashed.
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