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thepeacockangel asked:

Though birth assignment =/= current bits. Normally I just use the technical term when I'm trying to explain what genitals I have to someone (when most people ask my response is "RUDE" but if it's a medical professional or someone I think ought to know) I just list what organs I have, in the case of doctors I say what internal organs I have too so that they can check on those

darklordbambi asked:

What is the proper term then, when referring to physical sex, say if you're explaining being transgendered to someone or something of that nature, if "biologically" or "in body" are inappropriate?

I usually say “assigned ______” or something like that.

(“i am trans woman, meaning, the doctor said i was a boy when they slapped my ass and handed me to my mom, but the label didn’t fit and my actual gender is badass woman bent on the destruction of proper societal values”)

seriously, i don’t even wanna just say ‘no’ to people anymore.

instead of ‘no’

i’m just going to tell them that, whatever their request is, they need ~10-40 grand and 2 doctors’ notes.

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